Connecting the Nintendo Switch to a TV always offers an excellent gaming experience. However, this is a straightforward trick, but you should know the proper steps. Therefore, we have discussed all the steps here comprehensively.

You will be able to enjoy 720p gaming with a handheld play on the built-in 15.8cm screen through HDMI input. While Nintendo Switch Lite is not good enough because it does not come with a dock. Therefore, you should not neglect the details.

All Items You Need:

Make sure to check all the items whenever you purchase a Nintendo switch because every component plays some specific role in perfectly connecting your switch to TV.

  • AC Adapter
  • HDMI-compatible TV
  • Nintendo unit with dock
  • HDMI cable and Joy-Cons
  • Wrist straps or joy-coy grip (optional)

Now, let’s dive right into the steps,

Steps To Hook Up Nintendo Switch To a TV:

Step 1: Check your cables

There are multiple brands available in the market that manufacture cables of different materials and transfer speeds. But if you want to transmit 1080p video, then you should purchase HDMI 2.0. cable from Amazon or a nearby computer store. After purchasing a Nintendo Switch console, you will see that there is a grey-black dock packaged in for this very reason.  Moreover, there will be two cable ports available when you open the back cover of the dock.

The main port is for the AC adapter, which connects to a wall socket and is used to supply power to the console. The 2nd port is for an HDMI cable. One side of the cable is connected here, and the other side connects to your TV. The Switch won’t be able to stream content remotely to another gadget, so you’ll require a cable to accomplish the complicated work.

Step 2: Get the unit ready

When you have connected the cables, close the back cover of the dock and put your Switch console inside the dock. In this case, you slide the Switch in from the highest part of the dock, with the screen looking out of the front, and you will be able to see the Switch logo. There is a little connector point at the lower end of the dock that connects to the console, which is not difficult to slide into.

Step 3: Disconnect the controllers

The best time for you to drop the controllers from your Switch is now. Because from the side of the dock, joy-con controllers poke out, and you’ll still have the option to grasp them. You should simply press the small “release” button on the rear of each joy-con and slide it upwards for disconnecting it from the console. New Nintendo Switch purchases will accompany a joy-con hold so that you can slide the controllers into it.

Step 4: Turn on your TV

The next step is to turn on the TV and quest for the correct HDMI input. Most of the time, TVs have a button on the remote control called “source " or a menu, especially for inputs among the settings. Modern TVs simply turn on by pressing the home button available on the switch controller. This results in activating the display and hopping directly to the correct input. However, you can switch off this feature in the settings menu.

Remember that your TV or screen should be more than 1080p to see a visual contrast. However, the Switch can’t yield in 4K resolution, even though the TV is fit for it.

Step 5: Enjoy Gaming

Everything is sorted out, and now you can hang loose with your flawless gaming arrangement. There is hardly any game that would not be upgraded with the TV treatment, and you can focus on the rundown of the best Nintendo Switch game to see the best competitors or Nintendo Switch SD cards to fit much more games onto your console.


Well, playing games with your friends on a giant screen doubles the fun. However, a Nintendo Switch is an extraordinary handheld console and a home console that allows easy connection to your television. For connecting the switch to a TV, follow the steps given above. Another major thing is that make sure you have all the accessories.

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Nintendo switch connect to any TV?

A Nintendo switch can only be connected to a TV that has an HDMI port. Open the rear of the Nintendo Switch dock and connect one end of the HDMI cable to the dock and then connect the other end to the HDMI port on your monitor or television. Connect the USB plug-in AC adapter for transmission.

Can you connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV without a dock?

Yes, you can connect your Nintendo Switch to TV without a dock, but you will require an HDMI to USB converter. Then what to do is plug the USB-C into the switch and connect the end of the HDMI into the back of your television. With the correct HDMI cable, you can use a switch without a dock.

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