Steps for Cleaning Projector Screen

Step 1: Cleaning Dust and Easy Spots

You can clean a projector screen distantly by using a can of compressed air, chiefly used for cleaning the screen. Use short bursts of air by keeping the nozzle about one-inch from the screen. To extricate the dust, blow the whole screen. You can buy compressed air spray at electronics or a big box store.

Step 2: Wrap Masking Tape

Secondly, masking tape around your fingers can help you remove the dust from the projection screen. So, fingers and knuckles are covered and as a result, they won't come into contact with the projector screen. By using the wider masking tape, you will be able to cover more area while cleaning.

Step 3: Remove Dust Marks

To remove the dust marks of larger size, you need to gently press your tapped hand onto the screen mainly on the mark. Lift your hand away because you will not want to damage the screen so what you need to do is just continually pat until the mark vanishes. Keep switching the front and backside of your hand so that you don't put filthy particles back on the projector screen. To protect the screen surface from fingerprints and scratches you should wear latex gloves.

Step 4: Wipe Entire Screen

Mix a solution of 95% warm distilled water and 5% dish soap. In a huge mixing bowl, blend the dish soap and water together to mix them completely well. This liquid mixture will help you in eliminating those stubborn stains and you can also wipe off the stickiness from your projector screen. You can also use alternative wiping products like Formula 409 or Green Works which you can easily find in local stores.

Step 5: Use Microfiber Rags

Use a lint-free microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes. At first, submerge a clean cloth in the warm water and then squeeze it out properly which lefts little moisture in the cloth to clean the surface. Abstain from using hard sponges because they may damage the screen because of the rough texture and use a gentle touch on the screen.

Step 6: Rub The Screen

Gently wipe from the top to the lower part of the screen. Use horizontal motion across the screen in one way. Utilize strokes about 5 inches long and somewhat cover the region you just cleaned so you have complete coverage of the screen. You will scratch or damage the surface if you wipe in a circular motion.

Step 7: Remove Residual Marks

Use Q tips to remove the marks so let the alcohol soak in it. The solution you used is good but alcohol is more powerful in case of removing stains and for spot treatments. You can buy rubbing alcohol and isopropyl at local drug stores and corner shops. 

Step 8: Wipe the Marks With a Q-tip

To remove the mark, wiping the screen with side-to-side strokes works, trying to cover with areas you’ve already cleaned. As the mark starts to vanish off the screen, rotate the Q-tip. 

Step 9: Dry the Spot

Make sure to remove the remained alcohol over the screen with the dry cloth side of the Q-tip otherwise it will leave a permanent mark. You can also utilize a microfiber cloth to soak the excess ethanol left on the screen. 

Cautions For Cleaning:

Use Gloves:

While cleaning fingerprints and oil off your screen you can use latex gloves. By using them you will not leave other extra smudges behind. You can also keep your screen safe from nail scratches because of the gloves.

Avoid Abrasive Sponges:

Never use hard sponges and scratchy tools for cleaning purposes because the surface of the projector screens as result will get damaged.

Use Soft Cloth:

Carefully clean your screen with a lint-free microfiber cloth which is a soft material and never scrub the surfaces.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals:

Either use a distilled water and soap solution or denatured alcohol. If you use strong cleaners, then they will quickly ruin your screen's reflection because of the corrosive or abrasive chemicals.

For Retractable Screens:

In case, if you have retractable screens then never roll up by keeping dust and grime when not in use. Moreover, after cleaning pat dry the screen and then roll it up.

Use Compressed Air:

If you want to clean your projector cautiously you are required to avoid touching the projector screen. So, the most used tool for wiping screens is compressed air. Hold the can at least one inch away from the screen.

Avoid Spills:

If anything sprinkles on your projector screen, then immediately clear the surface and don't waste the time. To prevent staining follow the cleaning steps at the earliest opportunity.