Best Star Projector in 2023

Do you want to see twinkling stars, shining moon, and a dynamic planetarium in your room? Then here you go!

A star projector is something that brings excellent visuals for you. We have enlisted the 10 best star projectors that are suitable for different ages. No matter whether you are a child, teenager, man, or woman, these star projectors make your room a great wonder of the universe.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick  Smithsonian Optics – Best Star Projector with Dual Science Kit Smithsonian Optics – Best Star Projector with Dual Science Kit

Easy to use and maneuver

Quite handy and affordable

Includes powerful batteries

Most Popular MOKOQI – Best Star Projector Night Light MOKOQI – Best Star Projector Night Light

Different distinct points

Provides a bright display

Easy to control with buttons

Budget Pick WORUIJIA - Best Galaxy Light Projector WORUIJIA - Best Galaxy Light Projector

Different distinct points

Provides a bright display

Easy to control with buttons

There are plenty of choices that probably makes your selection process slow and challenging. To keep things accessible for you, we made a healthy effort to bring some reliable star projectors for you along with their attributes. Even our buying guide ultimately helps you in picking the right choice according to your age and requirements.

What can you expect from a Star Projector?

Just simply plug in the projector and let the stars and planets move around you. The essential elements like LEDs, image designs, batteries, lighting modes, and dome are combined to make a perfect bright projector. All these attributes can be expected from a star projector that offers an outstanding decoration piece in a budget-friendly manner.

Best Star Projector in 2023 At a Glance:

Best Star Projector in 2023 Reviews

Smithsonian Optics – Best Star Projector with Dual Science Kit (Image credit: Amazon)

Smithsonian Optics – Best Star Projector with Dual Science Kit


Brand: Smithsonian | Model Number: 52331 | Color: Grey | Weight : 1.85 pounds | Power Source: 4 AA batteries | Light Source: Constellation Dome | Suitable For Age: 8 - 15 years | Dimensions: 10 x 7.5 x 10 inches


Easy to use and maneuver

Quite handy and affordable

Includes powerful batteries

Can project over 50 combinations

Has built-in timer with auto power-off


Not suitable for adults

Smithsonian is a well-renowned institution that manufactures high-end optical equipment to facilitate its users. Smithsonian optics dual science kit projector is one of the best planetarium projectors that brings an excellent adventure for you. Even you can create a whole nighttime sky with this dual-function projector. Overall, this is the most suitable choice for kids and teenagers.

However, there are 24 HD space images and more than 50 image combinations of moons, planets, nebulae, spacecraft, and some celestial objects. Most importantly, this model is equipped with an auto power-off feature and a built-in timer that mainly help to enhance the battery life. It comes with standardized power batteries that also play an essential role.

Another prominent feature is that this Smithsonian optics room planetarium model can project images at high resolution and rotate them for an immersive display. Even this star projector is relatively easy to use and does not require a healthy budget. The only drawback is that adults may not like this projector for their own use.


If you are looking for a high-end star projector for your kids, then Smithsonian Optics is unmatchable. There are plenty of images and other features that give you a perfect return of money.

MOKOQI – Best Star Projector Night Light (Image credit: Amazon)

MOKOQI – Best Star Projector Night Light


Brand: MOKOQI | Model Number: CD5100900 | Color: Black | Weight : 1.05 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Light Source: LED | Suitable For Age: 3 - 14 years | Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 6 inches


Different distinct points

Provides a bright display

Easy to control with buttons

Equipped with battery-powered

Allows multi-LED settings


Not suitable for adults

MOKOQI star projector is another excellent projector in our catalog. The lightning system this projector offers is exceptionally insightful. You can adopt a multi-LED light setting according to your liking. There are 17 distinct display modes to select from the settings. Overlook them and choose the one that your kid mostly likes.

The projector is multifunctional and works seamlessly even when the power failure occurs. In case of power shutdown, you can use standard AAA batteries for recharging. A compatible power adapter keeps it charged throughout the whole night. This device is equipped with four buttons on the top. The button named A is a timer, B is for rotation, C is for changing color in the room, while D is used for night lights mode. You can turn on/off these buttons from the rear of the device.

Moreover, this star projector creates a starry sky in the dark night that ensures a peaceful environment for your babies and soothes their moods for sleeping quickly. The projector does not interrupt the sleeping of your child and is very easy to use. You can take the projector anywhere you want with the battery inside.


The MOKOQI star projector provides a good ratio between price and performance by delivering great endurance, illuminance, and a practical timer function.

WORUIJIA - Best Galaxy Light Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

WORUIJIA - Best Galaxy Light Projector


Brand: WORUIJIA | Model Number: BL-XK01 | Color: Black | Weight : 1.22 pounds | Power Source: Corded Electric | Light Source: LED | Suitable For Age: Everyone | Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.7 x 5 inches


Different distinct points

Provides a bright display

Easy to control with buttons

Equipped with battery-powered

Allows multi-LED settings


Not suitable for adults

Projector for bedroom with a starry night sky would be an excellent gift for your children. This is the most loving product among families around the US. There are lots of features that you will really enjoy. The galaxy projector comes with a built-in speaker. By combining with an Alexa device, you can get hands-free voice control and let Alexa play the songs; you just stay easy and enjoy the earth’s night sky in your room.

In case of connectivity options, you can connect this device to the wi-fi, USB port, or the app also available. By using the app, you can make your favorite color effects by changing the saturation, brightness, or light effects. Another feature is that the projector projects floating green stars against a changing brilliant nebula cloud to make a powerful visual in your space.

Moreover, the powerful projection rotates at an angle of 360 degrees with three color-changing modes. You can also set the changing mode feature with the rhyme of the music. There is a built-in timer and remote control. The star projector will turn off automatically after 4 hours.


Galaxy projector is best suited for buyers because of the available attributes like built-in speaker, app connectivity option, wifi connectivity, and a handy remote controller.

BlissLights – Best Star Projector for Gaming Room (Image credit: Amazon)

BlissLights – Best Star Projector for Gaming Room


Brand: BlissLights | Model Number: 900-00047_A | Color: Blue | Weight : 1.7 pounds | Power Source: Corded Electric | Light Source: LED | Suitable For Age: Everyone | Dimensions: 9.25 x 8.25 x 3 inches


Has adapter for AC power

Use a direct diode LED laser

Settings are easily adjustable

Provides pretty fine brightness

Suitable for different rooms


Provides some noise

The BlissLights Sky Lite gives a patented blue effect that lets you enjoy the starry night in your gaming room, bedroom, or living room. Transforming blue nebula cloud effect and the projection of the green star give you the aesthetic vibe of shooting stars.

Moreover, the projector incorporates a 92-meter extended 120V AC adapter for power. The timer setting of kids BlissLights Sky Lite is up to 6 hours. We suggest you use this product within the time range to keep up with the existence. This laser twilight stars projector uses a direct diode laser to give the stars and lighting. If you use it continuously for a long time, then it might get a bit hot.

Another noticeable feature is that the design is unique and straightforward, and there are three user-friendly button control panels are available. By using these buttons, you will be able to change settings in three different ways like a nebula, star, or a blend of both. You can also turn the rotation on or off, adjust the brightness too. Lastly, all you need to do is relax and adore the view.


BlissLights sky lite gives you the experience of a starry night with a blue Nebula effect. Your environment will be turned into a peaceful and safe place.  Simple to use laser light star projector would be an excellent purchase for you.

Sega Toys Homestar – Best Home Planetarium Star Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Sega Toys Homestar – Best Home Planetarium Star Projector


Brand: SEGA | Model Number: B07JB9Q3FW | Color: Blue | Weight : 3.5 pounds | Power Source: Corded Electric | Light Source: LED | Suitable For Age: Everyone | Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.75 x 7.6 inches


Adjustable the angle and focus

Has excellent projection quality

Has advanced LED technology

Low sound of disc rotation

Offers shooting star function


Projection space is small

The brand Sega has invented a home planetarium named Homestar flux. The gadget possesses similar characteristics to the antecedent, the Homestar Original. Though the home planetarium is a lot more expensive, but this is a good quality gadget. It delivers the representation of more than 60,000 stars per disc and possesses a broad collection of functions.

However, the 5-watts LED and optical glass lens combination planetarium projector delivers the best portrayal of the starry sky. There are discs for the northern and southern hemispheres and a giant double-sided poster to show you the sky map for precise detail and projected on your ceiling. Advanced LED technology is used for shooting star projection.

Another noticeable feature is that the design is compact and is easy to move from one place to another. You can also adjust the angle or focus of the projector as well as the timer. Last but not least, the sound of disc rotation is not loud, and the projection is adorable due to the shooting star function.


The SEGA home planetarium projector gives a realistic vibe because of more than 60,000 stars per disc. With a ton of other features, this would be a good purchase for you if you search for a unique experience.

YSD ES18 – Best Night Lamp Star Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

YSD ES18 – Best Night Lamp Star Projector


Brand: YSD | Model Number: ES18 | Color: Black | Weight : 1.15 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Light Source: LED | Suitable For Age: 3 - 14 years | Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.2 x 5.1 inches


High-quality with bright colors

360-degree rotation design

Has powerful built-in battery

Smart and lightweight model

Includes USB cord for charging


Not so visible in the light

YSD Night Lighting Lamp has an upgraded design. If you want to project stars on the ceiling of your room, then this is a great smart night lamp for that purpose. This gadget has high resolution and bright colors star and moon projection with 360-degree rotation and several light displays.

Additionally, you can set the timer or just turn the projector light on or off. Even you can use a remote to control all of these features from a distance of up to 32 feet. While using the projector as a night light, you can turn on a warm light function from the remote. This projector includes a USB cord for charging and can change while working.

Another noticeable feature is that this is the only galaxy projector that you can place outside like for camping purposes. If you are concerned about the power supply, you should know that a built-in 1200 mAh battery gives you the battery timing of up to 12-14 hours.


YSD Night Lighting Lamp is the best gift for kids. This product possesses bright colors and a high resolution that you can control by using the remote. However, this star projector is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

LEXiBOOK NLJ180 – Best 2-in-1 Constellation Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

LEXiBOOK NLJ180 – Best 2-in-1 Constellation Projector


Brand: LEXiBOOK | Model Number: NLJ180 | Color: Blue | Weight : 1.85 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Light Source: Constellation Domes | Suitable For Age: Everyone | Dimensions: 17.8 x 13.5 x 26 inches


Cast image of different objects

Automated constellation protection

Easy to operate and maneuver

Includes three particular discs

Has two constellation domes


It does not have an LED light

LEXiBOOK planetarium projector is an enjoyable night light projector that explores the stars and planets with the perfect light effect. The automated 360-degree constellation projection can shift the night light of your toddler’s room into a charming night sky starfield. Moreover, the two constellation domes are added to perceive the stars of the northern and southern hemispheres.

You can turn over the star projector and observe the space entities with 24 eye-catching pictures. There is the availability of three particular discs in this projector. Basically, these discs allow you or your kids to enjoy the star shower projection effect, and the starry sky makes them fall asleep instantly by soothing their moods.

All these discs let you know about the planets and make you proficient in space. These devices cast images of moons, nebulae, galaxies, and spaceships on ceilings or walls of your room. In addition to this, a chamber is provided to store the discs. Such a home planetarium star projector holds a focal ring and adjustable projection angle as well.


The LEXiBOOK 2-in-1 constellation and images home planetarium projector is a comprehensive and excellent star projector to watch a projection of northern and southern hemispheres with adjustable projection angle.

SOAIY AURORA – Best Star Light Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

SOAIY AURORA – Best Star Light Projector


Brand: SOAIY | Model Number: LAMP007-BK | Color: Black | Weight : 0.9 pounds | Power Source: Electric Corded | Light Source: LED | Suitable For Age: Everyone | Dimensions: 7.3 x 6.4 x 2.9 inches


Suitable for a person of any age

Lightweight and portable model

Includes integrated speakers

Fascinating and colorful display

Allows to connect a media player


Build-quality could be better

The Soaiy Aurora stars projector is one of the best star projectors to entertain aurora borealis in your room. If you cannot move to the aurora borealis, you can use the Soaiy night light projector. This home planetarium projector reproduces the fascinating view of the Northern Lights with a blend of red, blue, yellow, and green colors. It provides a cozy environment for your kids to fall asleep calmly.

Besides, this projector offers multiple brightness settings for seven different light displays. Such a planetarium projector shows a static or twisting image with the help of brightness settings. An integrated Bluetooth speaker can hook up a phone or music player and enjoy the different vocals.

Moreover, the projector is equipped with six nature sounds. You can make use of remote control to modify the light displays and volume. There are four timer options that can be used as a sleep timer for kids and adults. Another great feature of this skylight projector is that it is of a handy size and movable. To sum up, the Soaiy night light model is a user-friendly star light projector.


With seven different light displays, a night lamp, a built-in Bluetooth speaker for phone or music player, and remote control, the Soaiy LED projector is a matchless choice within a less budget.

Sega Homestar – Best Star Projector For Ceiling (Image credit: Amazon)

Sega Homestar – Best Star Projector For Ceiling


Brand: SEGA | Model Number: LYSB016YBU4RW | Color: Black | Weight : 1.8 pounds | Power Source: Electric Corded | Light Source: LED | Suitable For Age: Everyone | Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.3 x 5.9 inches


Quite easy to operate

Delivers realistic starry sky

Has an ample surface protection

Made of high-quality material

Comes with two years warranty


Star pictures are not labeled

A slightly more expensive than other models

The Sega home-star planetarium projector is one of the best star projectors in the market. Such a star projector arrives with many upgraded features. All the 60,000 stars can cast upon the ceiling simultaneously. There is the availability of two-star discs to experience the starry night sky. However, you can observe nearly all heavenly bodies with the extra discs provided with this projector.

Moreover, this home planetarium projector is a dominant model with 3W LED technology and offers a realistic view of the starry sky. The first-rate quality of materials is used in its manufacturing. Another noticeable feature of this star projector is that it is operated by a rotary motor which produces low noise. With a high optical quality lens system, this sky lite projector instantly projects the stars on a huge projection surface.

You can also make use of a timer for different purposes. An adaptable focus delivers an even adjustable projection angle. The projector values the money by offering excellent performance. Overall, the Sega star projector offers plain and easy functionality. This night sky projector comes with a warranty of 2 years.


If you are looking for a substantial home planetarium projector with a shooting star function and a remarkable representation of the starry sky for your kid, then the SEGA home-star planetarium projector should be your top preference.

KISMEE Light Ambiance– Best Star Projector For Roo (Image credit: Amazon)

KISMEE Light Ambiance– Best Star Projector For Roo


Brand: KISMEE | Model Number: B08PVDZ54P | Color: Black | Weight : 0.8 pounds | Power Source: Corded Electric | Light Source: Fluorescent | Suitable For Age: Everyone | Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.3 x 3.6 inches


Has a switch-off function

Provides smooth drifting

Lightweight and portable

Includes built-in speakers

Offers a mixture of colors


A slightly poor quality than other models

The kismee ambiance star projector is another excellent light projector for rooms in our list of best star projectors. This galaxy projector has a small size and is considered to be perfect for both babies and youngsters. If you find yourself extremely tired due to hectic routine life, just use the star projector to calm down your mood.

However, the excellent drifting blue stars or green stars create a very charming view inside the room. You can switch off your sleep timer with the remote control as well. Besides all these features, this star projector allows you to hook up your music player or phone with the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Additionally, this encalife star projector is ideal for the kids who tease a lot before going to bed. You just need to turn on the encalife ambience star projector and make your babies fall asleep quickly. The nebula star projector offers a mixture of white, red, green, and blue stars. The patented blue nebula effect can be shifted to the green or red cloud from the multiple brightness settings using a remote control.


The ambiance galaxy night light projector provides excellent static and rotating display options and fantastic light displays to give your room a dreamy look.

Best Star Projector Buying Guide in 2022:

You might have used some projectors. But if you want a unique starry sky view in your room, you should buy a star projector. By reading this buying guide, you will know what to consider while picking the right star projector.

So, let’s see the essential terms briefly.

Size of Projector:

The overall size of the projector matters in case if you are buying for children’s room. The model design for adults is smaller in size, whereas the children projector’s size is larger. The size of the buttons matters too. Kids will easily pull off the larger buttons, so the buttons installed should be smaller in size, and also, adults don’t find it hard to use.

Lighting Modes:

Some star projectors also possess the feature of lightning modes. If you are in resting mode or are listening to a soothing song, you need a tender lightning impact that will not affect your senses. This sort of lighting mode is also helpful when you are going to bed for sleep.

On the other hand, a bright light mode will turn your home into a party pad or planetarium. The chances are acceptable that you might want to change between brightness and lightning modes according to your taste. So you should select a projector that highlights more than one mode.

Timer Options:

Some star projectors possess the option of timer setting, so while sleeping, the power will not be wasted. This option allows you to set the timer for a particular measure of time. The range of timer setting lies between 15 minutes to several hours. The projector will close down as it reaches the time limit. Choose a suitable projector for parties and outdoor use so that your party stays throughout the entire night.

Battery Power:

You can choose a galaxy projector with a rechargeable battery or USB cord. In contrast, you can also go old-fashioned by selecting a projector with the option of using an AC adapter and plugging it into a wall socket. If you go with a USB cord option, you might need to buy a new adapter or utilize the one you already have for an old mobile phone. Most of the time, the length of the USB cord is small. So you are left with the option of placing a projector socket, or you can also buy an expensive long cable.

The best thing is to look for a model that comes with a rechargeable battery. A decent star light projector should run for up to 10 hours. Without the battery running out the problem you will be able to sleep the whole night. A few batteries can keep going for 12 to 24 hours. So, you will be able to use the projector for several nights in a row.

Display Type:

This is one of the vital features that mainly affects the overall performance of the star projector. It would be best to consider the display type since projectors can either highlight practical or unconventional pictures. Those displays with usable images will incorporate every one of the eight planets and may include Pluto too. You’ll see heavenly bodies and star groups that are equivalent to those you find in the sky. The projector that shows stylish and whimsical pictures is best suited for youngsters. The stylized images may include aliens or astronauts' appearance in space. Those projectors let you reproduce the vibe of being in a planetarium in any room of your home. These fun models are generally preferred by kids.

The two terms allude to whether the picture stays still or moves. If a projector has a rotating display, it means that the image will move across the room and reflect off the walls and ceiling. Those with a still picture option project the image in one explicit region, like the wall or the ceiling. You should select a projector that incorporates both modes.

Remote Control:

You should select a light projector that comes with remote control because the projector should be placed in a room with enough space, especially in the middle of the room. If you don’t have the remote control and set it in the wrong area, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone to adjust the projector in the right place. If a remote control comes with a projector, you will adapt settings without getting out of bed. The solitary issue with these models is that you regularly need to utilize the controller to access all the settings and features. If you lose the remote, you’ll need to buy another one because you won’t get to use those features without the remote.


While purchasing a home planetarium, you should consider how many features are present there. Excess of everything isn’t good. But everything should function properly. Focus on main features like the display of the starry sky should look realistic, and the projector’s quality should be good. For a room planetarium, a good quality projector is perhaps the most important thing. Most of the light projectors make loud noises, particularly during automatic rotation. While purchasing, you should remember that you will get a model that does not make too much noise. 

Ease of use:

The last thing that you must consider while purchasing a light projector is that you search for a projector that would be easy to operate. If a projector involves multiple and complex steps to use, you will turn it off every night. A portion of the models now available require some arrangement and assembly before you can utilize them. But you should select one that is already assembled and prepared for use in your room.


In this era of modernization, some decoration equipment is being invented along with power equipment. A star projector is one of the finest innovations among them. People of every age love to see lights and images of star projectors. However, selecting a projector becomes difficult due to the crowd of brands and models. Therefore, we are providing a compact list of 10 best star projectors along with their attributes.

All of these models provide different types of home entertainment. Even you can install them anywhere else. They come with LEDs, powerful batteries, different images to amuse children, men, women. However, they work as night lamps that don’t disturb you while sleeping. If you want to enjoy a captivating environment around you, go through our list and get a star projector from right here. Good Luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a star projector on any wall?

Yes, you can use your star projector on any wall or ceiling. However, remember that the projectors perform well when used on transparent and painted walls with light colors. The dark walls with window hangings or decorative wall coverings can deform the display and images. That is why white walls are considered perfect for projection because they offer a spotless background and provide incredibly bright image quality.

Are projectors for kids and adults the same?

A wide variety of projectors are available in the market. However, it is good for you to purchase a well-suited one for both you and your baby. Generally, projectors made for kids are fabulous and playful in the pattern. The projectors manufactured for young ones comprise more accurate displays and traits such as integrated speakers or rechargeable batteries.

Where should you place a star and galaxy projector?

The middle point of your room is the perfect place for locating and using your galaxy projector. Consider the designer’s guidelines carefully to ensure that you have a sufficient area for your projector in the room. Most importantly, make sure that you have 5-6 ft space between the wall of your room and the projector. You may get unclear or faint pictures in case of less space than required.

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