Best Folding High Chair in 2023- Review and Buying Guide

In order to provide ease and comfort to parents and babies, the best folding high chair is becoming the need of the day. Regarding baby high chairs, a lot of useful merits are there. You must always be worried about feeding your baby safely so that they do not choke during eating.

Not only but also, you want a compact portable high chair, which could be placed either in the dining room as a dining chair or anywhere else for family use. Also, it could be used as an adult chair as well as a toddler chair. So, you can also perform your regular activities with comfort along with feeding a baby. Largely, parents forget about high chairs. They feed the baby without any safety measures, which outcomes in indigestion. Parents must keep chair options in their minds as best folding high chairs help a lot with baby convenience.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick Graco Slim - Best Compact Folding High Chair Graco Slim - Best Compact Folding High Chair

Tray and seat material is washable.

Assembling not required

Does not require a high budget

Most Popular JOOVY Nook- Best Foldable High Chair JOOVY Nook- Best Foldable High Chair

The depth of the swing tray is adjustable.

Easy to clean and maintain

Space saver when folded

Budget Pick Baby Trend BobbleHeads- Best Budget High Chair Baby Trend BobbleHeads- Best Budget High Chair

Affordable rate

3 Reclining positions

Adjustable height levels

While enjoying a play chair or eating, babies should be placed in the strong best folding high chairs in order to keep them cheerful and relieved. No matter which type of chair it is, it should be joyful for a baby. At an early age, the baby gets to know how to eat appropriately. This would be a great option for parents. To choose the first-rate or finest chair from the best folding high chairs, we have compiled the 10 best foldable high chair models. These folding high chairs are durable, softly padded, and available at affordable rates. 

 Depending on the manufacturer what they are giving to the buyers, there are many extra traits provided in high chairs. We have gathered high chairs on the parameters of consistency and comfort for the baby. After using these high chairs in your home or during traveling, you will be pleased. Since you can use a travel high chair during any type of outing.

Let’s put light on the best folding high chairs!

Best Folding High Chair in 2023- Review and Buying Guide At a Glance:

Best Folding High Chair in 2023- Review and Buying Guide Reviews

Graco Slim - Best Compact Folding High Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Graco Slim - Best Compact Folding High Chair


Brand: GRACO | Color: Alden | Material: Washable | Weight: 21 Pounds | Size: 32 x 23 x 42 Inch


Tray and seat material is washable.

Assembling not required

Does not require a high budget

It can be fit in any closet

Best baby travel high chair


It's not reliable enough

Warranty is questionable

GRACO is famous for its slim feature. Many moms desire to have such high chairs that don’t take too much space and can be kept easily in any place. Many customers want to experience this best folding high chair under $100. Even this is one of the best dining chairs for babies.

Graco covers all the significant factors which should be present in the best compact folding high chair. So coming to the notable features, it involves a soft plush padded seat which can be washed in the washing machine. It is a stain-resistant model with a 3 and 5 pt harness according to your baby’s size. There is no need to assemble, just unfold it, and it’s ready to use.

It comes up with a big removable tray with a sipper. You can simply clean it with a dishwasher. Moreover, you will love the 3 reclining positions as well as the 6 height levels of the high chair. Graco slim can fit 8.5 in. space with ease and is durable for carrying a 40 lb baby. Lastly, it is equipped with lockable casters so your baby cannot move it anywhere.


After compiling all the healthy features of this GRACO slim high chair, we concluded that it’s the most nicely designed model that perfectly fits a toddler up to a 3-year-old kid.

JOOVY Nook- Best Foldable High Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

JOOVY Nook- Best Foldable High Chair


Brand: JOOVY | Color: Black | Material: Fabric and Leatherette | Weight: 14.9 Pounds | Size: 31.5 x 23 x 41 IN


The depth of the swing tray is adjustable.

Easy to clean and maintain

Space saver when folded

Portable high chair


The wide base which gathers many areas

Not suitable for 50 lb plus weight baby

JOOVY is our first cool pick and perfectly fits for a baby who can sit confidently straight in position. We can say that Joovy-nook is a suitable simple foldable high chair for 6 month or plus-age babies. It has many exciting and comfy features so that you don’t have to rush for an expensive foldable high chair.

Let’s have a peek at the features. Joovy nook high chair is the best baby high chair for eating in terms that it possesses a soft padded leatherette seat that is easy to clean in wain the washing or either by hand. Your baby can sit with ease and safety in this high chair because of the 5 pt harness. In every high folding chair, there should be the availability of 5 point harness.

It also comes with a large tray that can be cleaned easily, and the exciting thing is the tray has a swing nature, plus you can adjust the tray area according to your preference. Keeping a weight limit of 50lbs, Joovy carries a 50lbs baby.

Moreover, you can store this folding high chair by folding the high chair or storage area in no time or carry his lightweight model while moving as it can also serve as a travel high chair. Well, the joovy nook becomes compact when folded, but its base is quite big when placed in a room. Therefore, one can order this high chair on Amazon as it is a qualifying purchase product.


It’s a reliable model under $150, and we don’t feel anything wrong with this model. The color variants and the safety elements make it more attractive.

Baby Trend BobbleHeads- Best Budget High Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Baby Trend BobbleHeads- Best Budget High Chair


Brand: BABY TREND | Color: Bobbleheads | Material: Steel | Weight: 17 Pounds | Size: 27 x 22 x 39.5 Inch


Affordable rate

3 Reclining positions

Adjustable height levels

Three-point harness


It cannot carry a 50 lb weight baby.

Not a compact model

Baby Trend is a leading best value folding high chair with more durability as compared to others. This high chair is not a precise addition, but it has all the factors that you look for while buying a foldable high chair, especially the low price that will make you pleased.

Rushing towards the features tells us that this cheap high chair takes 10 to 15 minutes to assemble. The material of the seat is soft and possesses steel legs that cannot catch any rust. Baby Trend contains a 3 point safety harness along with a footrest and 3 reclining different positions, which makes your baby stress less.

You can adjust the height of the high chair according to your needs. needs. It has 6 levels. The tray is large enough with a washable facility. Also, you can adjust the depth of the tray. You can unfold the high chair by pushing the handles, and it will be ready for storage. Moreover, it can hold a 40 pounds baby, so there are no worries at all.

FINAL VERDICT Well, it’s a beast model with all the latest comfy features. Your baby can play or eat food without choking because of the reliable model. So for us, it’s an excellent deal in such a pocket-friendly price range.

Peg Perego Arancia- Best Fold up High Chair Possessing Casters (Image credit: Amazon)

Peg Perego Arancia- Best Fold up High Chair Possessing Casters


Brand: PEG PEREGO | Color: Arancia | Material: Metal | Weight: 23.14 Pounds | Size: 41.17 x 23.66 x 29.5 Inch


Lockable wheels

Padded footrest

Mesh pocket for stuff

Adjustable reclining, height, and harness feature

Folding and unfolding are simple.

Easy to clean in the washing machine



Covers much space

From newborn to 2-3 years old everyone is compatible to use this high chair. Peg Perego is expensive but worthy of your baby. It can survive for many years and provide comfort to your baby’s body.

The seat material of Perego is comfortable for babies. It can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and can be removed from the seat. It is configured with a 5 pt harness, which is highly adjustable. The harness can also be cleaned. Your newborn can also utilize Perego high chair because of its reclining positions.

The tray can be placed in the front or hind position, and you can also detach it for washing. You can fix up to 9 height levels, which is quite simple. Moreover, the unfolding is done by pushing the buttons. Well, it also possesses 2 motionless and 2 lockable swivel wheels for safety.


PEG PEREGO is the best high chair with wheels, which is safe for your baby because of its lockable nature, so don’t get panicked about the casters. Just focus on the enjoyable factors that a mommy needs.

Disney Minnie Mouse - Best Folding Baby High Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Disney Minnie Mouse - Best Folding Baby High Chair


Brand: DISNEY | Color: Garden Delight Minnie | Material: Stainless | Weight: 14.7 Pounds | Size: 25 x 18 x 6 Inch


It is a lightweight model.

Colorful child seat

Multiple reclining positions

Baby portable high chair

Comes with perfect dining space


The warranty is 1 year only.

As the name suggests, it’s a cute Minnie mouse high chair specially built for baby girls. Its pink color attracts babies to like this model. There will be no problem feeding your baby while experiencing this elegant high chair. Your baby will be in a safe place. We guarantee it.

DISNEY is the best budget high chair. chair. It’s pocket-friendly in case you don’t want to spend many bucks. It doesn’t need any assembling. It can be folded when the need for storage. The exterior is made of sturdy steel with a washable seat material. The seat is softly padded and possesses 3 reclining positions so that your baby stays relaxed.

You can also adjust the height ranks. Disney high chair comes with a tray that can be washed in the dishwasher. The three-point harness is quite authentic and can be washed by hand and also in the washing machine. The footrest is also equipped in this model, and it can hold up to 50 lbs of weight. The base remains stable on the floor. It is not slippery and quiet, save for your kid. Overall, this is one of the best folding high chairs with seat belts.


Disney high chairs have quality features, which are the significant desires of a person. We suggest if you have a baby girl grab this cute article that will perfectly fit the parent and her baby.

Summer Infant Green – Best Portable High Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Summer Infant Green – Best Portable High Chair


Brand: SUMMER INFANT | Color: Green | Material: Fabrics | Weight: 5 Pounds | Size: 21.86 x 21.55 x 37.73 In


Cheap price range

A little pouch for storage

Lightweight and sturdy

Cover bag with a strap

Washable fabric

Easy to clean


Appearance is simply not so attractive.

The back is short with no footrest.

Summer infant is the best portable high chair due to its compact and pops n sit quality. You can use it in the garden or at home for your 6 months or plus age babies. This high chair is solid and sturdy, with several strands of legs. However, it is a space-saver slim snacker high chair with an infant seat.

This pop n sit high chair has a simple design. It’s not so fancy that any baby gender can use it. The chair’s fabric is green in color, and it can easily be cleaned in a machine by removing it from the chair part. For safety, it comprises a 3 pt harness and a hard plastic black tray, which can be detached from its place in case you don’t want to use it. Even this is also one of the good folding high chairs.

There is a small pouch at the back of the chair used to store baby stuff. You don’t have to assemble this high chair. Just fold and unfold it for usage purposes. This option is really handy. A cover bag is also provided with this summer infant high chair to slip it in the bag plus. You can carry this bag on your shoulder because it is lightweight.


Anyways we are happy to share this simple model with you guys. It’s a cheap high chair with easy cleanup and maintenance facilities.

Cosco Mapleton - Best Cheap High Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Cosco Mapleton - Best Cheap High Chair


Brand: COSCO | Color: Mapleton | Material: Plastic | Weight: 10.8 Pounds | Size: 23.5 x 28.5 x 38.75 IN


The whole building is of strong plastic.

Tray with a sipper

Cheap price

Lightweight and portable

Folds flat in no time


No reclining positions

COSCO simple fold high chair is a lightweight chair, the most comfortable chair for mommy and baby because you can place it anywhere in the kitchen, dining area, or bedroom, so it’s easy to feed your baby and for transportation if you are traveling.

Coming to its features, what a product says itself. Its appearance is elegant due to the Mapleton color. It can hold 50lb babies, and it can last longer for years. The exterior is hard plastic built, and the interior is softly padded, which can be maintained with a simple cleaning. It offers a three-point harness and a comfy footrest.

The large tray with sipper is configured to this best folding high chair that can be fixed up to 3 positions, or simply you can remove this part. The tray is washable. Footrest and stands for legs need assembling. It takes less than 5 minutes to get fixed. The price range is under $50, which is so amazing.


Cosco simple fold chair is the best baby portable high chair I’ve ever seen with a detachable footrest. Four objects are delivered to make a stand stable and consistent. So don’t wait and buy this most affordable high chair for your baby.

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair – Best folding high chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair – Best folding high chair


Brand: CIAO BABY | Color: Black | Material: Polyester plastic and metal | Weight: 8 Pounds | Size: 23 x 23 x 32 IN.


Best for camping

Plastic, washable material

Outstanding construction

Last for years


The tray is not stable. It’s a plastic one.

The footrest is not available.

CIAO BABY portable high chair is primarily utilized while camping or traveling. The appearance of this best small high chair is black, which gives it a classy look. All the specs and features are mind-blowing and comfy. This toddler booster chair has a seat belt, food tray, and cup hole.

Ciao! Baby is a cute elegant piece that comes in polyester plastic and metal material. This makes the baby high chair strong enough to carry a toddler or a 2 to 3-year kid. The seat can be cleaned by using a damp cloth.

We love the five-point harness, so it is safe for a baby while eating. The tray is not stable and is made of plastic, which is washable and equipped with a mesh zipper area. The high chair does not contain any footrest. But its solid construction and long-lasting nature make it a trending model in the market.


After observing this ciao baby portable high chair model in depth, we must say if your baby can sit in a stable position and doesn’t need a footrest, then go ahead; otherwise, look for another product.

Summer Pop n Sit Booster- Best Value High Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Summer Pop n Sit Booster- Best Value High Chair


Brand: SUMMER INFANT | Color: Green | Material: Stain free fabric | Weight: 4.5 Pounds | Size: 15 x 14 x 15 Inch.


Mesh pocket

Low price rate

Fabric can be maintained easily.

The tray can be adjusted up to 3 positions.


Shorter back with no footrests

No reclining feature

It’s another lightweight, easy transportation booster. You can take it anywhere during camping or traveling and can place it anywhere while feeding your baby at a hotel or other gatherings. We have put it on our list because it’s an effective high chair booster.

Let us discuss this best folding high chair booster in detail. Summer infants come up with a fabric that can be cleaned with a wet cloth. A big tray is equipped with a booster, which is adjustable. The harness is about 3 pt for the sake of the safety of your baby. The color is green, which is suitable for both genders, so there are no worries at all.

It has a mesh texture pocket at the back of the seat, which is usually for keeping baby essentials. It’s a pop n sit booster with stable foldable legs. There is no need for assembly, and it’s ready to go model at just a cheap price rate of under $50.


Summer infant is the best inexpensive high chair booster built explicitly for those parents who love to travel, so it’s a product that is so easy to carry anywhere. And the price rate is so cheap.

Summer Deluxe Folding Booster- Best Small High Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Summer Deluxe Folding Booster- Best Small High Chair


Brand: Summer infant | Color: Grey | Material: Washable seat pad | Weight: 370 grams | Size: 14.5 x 17.5 x 13.5 In


Price is reasonable

Soft plushy seat


Space saver


No storage facility

No reclining

When your baby hits 3 months of age, they start eating, so summer deluxe is really comforting for parents and baby. Considering the precautionary measures, we have concluded that this model is nice enough to have it on our best baby eating chair list.

Leading towards the specs well, it’s a greyish booster engineered with hard plastic. The tray is also configured with this model, which can set up to 3 levels according to our preference. Food doesn’t stick because it is washable in nature.

The harness is also found in this booster, so your baby will not slip. Well, the seat pad is washable and can be removed from its surface. You can assemble and unfold it in a few minutes. It is easy to go booster and can be placed in compact places.


We advise you don’t spend many bucks on expensive brands. You can get all the things in a summer deluxe booster, so why another brand.


There are some things that cannot be compensated at any cost, especially when it comes to your baby’s necessities. New parents do not know how to buy reliable and comfy products so don’t worry we have provided a few points which will make your purchasing easy. If you desire to have the best folding high chair, follow these critics to get a worthy one.


The seat’s material should be softly padded so that your baby doesn’t feel annoyed while eating or playing. Secondly, it should be machine or hand washable so that your baby doesn’t catch any germs. The fabric should be breathable and detachable. This will help you in cleaning and maintaining.


These two factors are the most important ones for your baby. The best folding baby high chair must possess 3 reclining positions that can be utilized by your toddler to 3 to 4 years of age kid. A large tray with a sipper will be a handy option. The depth of the tray should be adjustable keep it in your mind.


Harness ranges about 3 and 5 point harness. Safety is most important for your little one. This feature is durable because it holds your baby tight and does not make them unstable.


 If you want to buy the best foldable high chair for your baby, we recommend you check out the assembling and foldable legs of the desired model. It should be stable when placed on any floor or ground. Moreover, it should be compact while storing it in the pantry.


These are the additional features that not all brands offer in their high chairs. But it’s necessary facilities pocket is usually used for storing eatables. On the other hand, the footrest will provide extra comfort to your baby.


After discussing every pinpoint in detail, we are glad to tell you that GRACO has won customer satisfaction. Providing you the best is our moral duty, so we wish that you will have an exceptional buying experience after choosing one of the best folding high chairs from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best brand that offers an affordable high chair for babies?

GRACO slim model is really a cool brand that facilitates parents in every aspect. Providing all the excellent features in a baby chair makes it the best fold-up high chair in the market.

Why do we use high chairs?

For proper feeding, digestion, and safety of the baby. It is also convenient for moms. They can work while the baby is sitting in a high chair.

Wheels in the high chair is a useful feature or not?

Lockable casters are an outstanding feature because they enable you for easy mobility. You can drag it anywhere without carrying it.

What is the best folding high chair?

Peg Perego Siesta High Chair is one of the best high chairs. Owing remarkably imposing nine-seat heights and five recline settings, this chair is first-class and can be utilized from baby birth up to a weight of 45 pounds. One of the important features in the back. Fairly, you can use it as a protected and enjoyable place for your baby.

What is the best high chair on the market?

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Highchair is the best high chair on the market. Along with a bulk of helpful attributes, it is designed with a five-point harness, a reclining seat, an abundance of height, and footrest modification options. Also, this best baby high chair can be used for twins at the same time. It includes a booster seat which can be used as an adult chair and while the high chair can be used for a child or little one.

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